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February 5, 2009

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Logic Design Inc. Announces new Robotics Simulation Software

Convert your computer into a fully functioning 3D robot.
TORONTO, CANADA, February 5, 2009. Logic Design Inc. a world-leader in simulation software tools today announced the release of RoboLogix. This new software package is designed to emulate real-world robotics applications and allows users to test, run, and troubleshoot programs written using a five-axis industrial robot in a wide range of practical applications. With RoboLogix, users can run the simulator to test and visually examine the execution of robot programs and control algorithms, while plotting instantaneous joint accelerations, velocities and positions.

According to Kevin Fullerton, Logic Design's Chief Technology Officer, RoboLogix is the only robotics simulator of its kind in the world. "We have combined the power of a physics engine and its precise renderings and robot motion, with a user-friendly Graphic User Interface based on an industry-standard instruction set, and the result is unprecedented in simulation technology", says Fullerton. "No other robotics simulator can provide this type of real-world simulation with the precision and accuracy of a modern industrial robot".

RoboLogix is ideal for students as well as robot designers and engineers. The simulation software allows for verification of the reach- ability, travel ranges and collisions. This allows for increased reliability of the planning process and program development as well as reducing the overall completion/commissioning time. RoboLogix enables programmers to write their own robot programs, modify the environment and use the available sensors. These sensors include video cameras which are used for obtaining the desired position of the robot end effector. In addition, a teach pendant is included with the simulator that allows the user to command the robot to pick up a tracked object and return it to a home location through jogged commands or pre-programmed positions.

The ability to preview the behavior of a robotic system in a "virtual" world allows for a variety of mechanisms, devices, configurations and controllers to be tried and tested before being applied to a "real world" system. RoboLogix receives control signals, determines if contact or collision between objects in the system has occurred, and returns simulated sensor information as feedback. This system has the capacity of real-time simulation of the motion of an industrial robot through 3D animation. The principles of 3D motion simulation and both geometry modeling and kinematics modeling are presented in the RoboLogix virtual environment.

About Logic Design Inc.

Founded in 1996, Logic Design Inc. (LDI) is a privately-held corporation headquartered in Toronto, Canada. LDI offers a suite of products ranging from simulation software to textbooks to computer-based testing, and course management software. In addition to its best-selling simulation products, such as CircuitLogix, 3DLab, LogixPro, and RoboLogix, the company also has a strong focus on educational products to support the use of simulation. These products are used worldwide by thousands of students, educators, professional design engineers, and hobbyists. The company sells its products directly in the US and Canada and through a worldwide network of distributors.

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