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January 12, 2005

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New Affordable Circuit Simulation Software Fills the Price/Performance Gap in EDA

Get 90% of the power of high-cost EDA tools for a fraction of the price.
TORONTO, CANADA, January 12, 2005 - Logic Design Inc. today announced the availability of CircuitLogix Version 5, the popular schematic capture and simulation tool that now features fast, accurate mixed-signal simulation previously available only in high-cost EDA software.

"With Version 5, students can simulate any combination of analog and digital components," said Kevin Fullerton, Director of Product Development for Logic Design Inc. "Mixed-signal simulation is as easy and the speed and accuracy rivals EDA tools costing thousands of dollars." Along with the expanded simulation capability, the new release features a larger device library of over 4,000 devices, easier SPICE model import, and no limit on the number of pins for an individual device.

CircuitLogix is an EDA software tool that seamlessly integrates schematic capture and simulation in one complete program. Professional schematic capabilities include a built-in symbol editor, a macro feature for hierarchical devices, and automatic wire routing. These features allow users to quickly create high-quality schematics for documentation.

Designers can export CircuitLogix schematics as PCB netlists for use in printed circuit board layout products. CircuitLogix features a proven, accurate 32-bit SPICE3f5/XSpice-based simulator for analog and mixed-signal circuits, and a fully interactive digital logic mode when only logic simulation is needed. "CircuitLogix has used SPICE-based analog simulation for many years, it's proven, very accurate, and fast. The simulations give real-world results designers can trust," said Fullerton. "With Version 5, we've added and greatly enhanced XSpice to facilitate the mixed analog/digital simulation."

A host of analyses in CircuitLogix allow designers to test and troubleshoot circuits in a "virtual electronics lab", without worrying about bad parts or faulty connections that often plague traditional prototyping. And with a click of the free-floating Probe tool, users can instantly see waveforms and measurements on virtual instruments like the digital oscilloscope, curve tracer, bode plotter or digital multimeter.

Using simulation tools like CircuitLogix, students, engineers, designers, and bench technicians all have the freedom to try all the "what-if" scenarios - changing parts or component values, then re-running the simulation to see how changes affect the circuit's operation and performance. This type of testing is not always feasible with traditional breadboarding methods. CircuitLogix Version 3 operates on the Windows 98, 2000, NT, and XP. Single-user copies are priced at $249, and special upgrade offers are available for current registered users. Multi-user site licenses for corporate networks and labs are also available.

About Logic Design Inc.

Founded in 1996, Logic Design Inc. is an emerging leader in affordable, easy-to-use schematic capture, and simulation software. In addition to CircuitLogix, other education products developed by Logic Design include computer-based training CD-ROMs covering electronics, electro-mechanics, and programmable logic controllers, as well as textbooks and course management software.

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