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November 16, 2003

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Logic Design Inc. Launches New Course Management Package

Powerful new features revolutionize testing and assessment.
TORONTO, CANADA, November 16, 2003 - Logic Design Inc. today announced the release of its new Course Management Package (CMP) that includes an unlimited number of test questions, detailed feedback, grading, and records management features.

According to Kevin Fullerton, Director of Product Development at Logic Design Inc., the new CMP is designed to provide much-needed assistance to High School, College and University professors in the marking of exams and assessing student's performance. Fullerton states "The CMP reduces labor in course administration and allows instructors to re-direct energy and resources away from tedious work such as grading exams".

Students can access the secure examination site either on their own School's server, or through a website provided by Logic Design Inc. With each marked exam, students receive a detailed grade report outlining which questions were answered incorrectly and specific references to where the student needs improvement.

The CMP includes an unlimited number of potential test questions and generates individual random tests for each module of the program. The CMP provides automatic grading with a detailed report including which questions were answered incorrectly and individualized feedback on progress.

For companies with small training departments and budgets, the CMP and proprietary course material can be used as a stand-alone training package, while companies with larger training facilities can benefit from using the CMP to augment existing training by allowing instructors to focus on more product-specific training or to focus on assisting individual students who require help.

Educators and corporate trainers will also find the package useful for Prior Learning Assessment to gauge student's knowledge of fundamental electronic principles before teaching higher-level course material.

About Logic Design Inc.

Founded in 1996, Logic Design Inc. is a fully-integrated technical education company with a suite of products ranging from simulation software to textbooks to computer-based testing, and course management software. The company sells its products directly in the US and Canada and through a worldwide network of distributors in over 27 countries. In addition to the PLC Technician CD-ROM, other education products developed by Logic Design include Electronics CBT, Electro-Mechanics CBT, as well as textbooks, workbooks, and course management software.

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